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A Tricky Treat: Halloween Science Fun

Looking for some Halloween fun that doesn't involve eating more sugar? Why not put a Halloween spin on one of my Science Club To Go activities?


This activity is based on my Erupting Lemonade blog post. Draw a jack-o-lantern face on a clear cup, exchange the lemonade packet for an orange Kool-Aid packet and you are good to go! Many kids are familiar with vinegar and baking soda "explosions". This variation substitutes citric acid in Kool-Aid for the vinegar, which adds a more pleasing fragrance to the familiar fizzy fun.

If you would like to turn this into a Trick-or-Treat kit, you can download a pdf here:

erupting pumpkin
Download PDF • 36KB


This activity is based on my Popsicle Oobleck blog post. I used Green Apple Kool-Aid to approximate a snot-colored slime. If your slime is too viscous, add water 1 tablespoon at a time until you achieve the desired runny consistency. You know what kind of creature really enjoys swimming through alien snot? Plastic spiders!


This activity is based on my How to Scare Pepper blog post. Paint on some Halloween-themed nail polish if you like. Otherwise this activity is Halloween-themed as is! As you test substances to see how well they "scare" pepper, you might make things spooky by pretending ketchup is blood. Maybe you test mustard and call it bee guts or scarecrow blood? Perhaps hair conditioner masquerades as pus, or a thin film of avocado as alien poo? Gross is good on Halloween!


This activity is based on my Build Your Own Balloon Pump blog post. Just draw a jack-o-lantern face on an orange balloon with a black sharpie before adding the baking soda. Choose a white balloon and draw a ghost face for the inflate-a-ghost version. Choose a green balloon and draw your best alien eyeballs for the inflate-an-alien version. The possibilities are endless!


This activity is based on my Zingy Candy Powder blog post. Choose a red or pink-colored Kool-Aid powder for "bloody" tongue lesions. Maybe a green Kool-Aid powder feels like alien eggs hatching on your tongue? Does orange Kool-Aid powder give you zombie pumpkin disease? Perhaps you are going to be a giraffe for halloween and purple Kool-Aid powder provides a fun way to achieve a realistic tongue color. Let your imagination run wild! Oops - this particular activity is not sugar-free.

Happy Halloween my fellow mad scientists! As always, make messes, have fun and spread science joy!

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